Indonesia: Aceh’s Executive Branch Rejects Stoning Law

Posted on 18 September 2009 by

The executive branch of Aceh’s provincial government, with the support of the Indonesian central government, rejected the bylaw passed earlier this week by Aceh’s legislative council which allows for stoning of adulterers. Read Aceh govt refuses to sign stoning bylaw (Jakarta Post, Sep 18, 2009) for the full update.

Aceh Traditional Art (cc) Iwan Indrawan

Aceh Traditional Art (cc) Iwan Indrawan

The introduction of this bylaw follows other recent developments which have raised concern amongst women activists, including a 2008 anti-pornography law, which defines pornography so broadly as to include women’s traditional dress (see Indonesia passes anti-porn bill (BBC) and Indonesia’s sharia push may scare investors, moderates (Reuters)) and the annulment of Article 214 of the Electoral Law in December 2008, weakening the 30% quota for women in parliament.

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