Escalating Unrest in Nicaragua

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There has been escalating civil unrest and violence in Nicaragua following a controversial ruling in October to overturn a constitutional ban on presidential re-election, allowing Ortega to run for re-election in 2011. Protests further escalated on the anniversary of the November 9, 2008 municipal elections, widely believed to have been stolen (see: In Nicaragua, former Contra leader warns of armed resistance). In response to growing dissent, Ortega’s government has cracked down on protesters, who are largely students and youth. In the beginning of November a leader of the Autonomous Women’s Movement was arrested (see Journalist blames Nicaraguan government for brutality during arrest and Nicaraguan reporter denounces attack by police).

More info:

Volcano ~ Nicaragua (cc) cromacom

Volcano ~ Nicaragua (cc) cromacom

This week:
In Nicaragua, critics denounce Sandinista terror campaign

“Nicaragua’s increasingly explosive civil unrest was unleashed on the government Tuesday, as a group of public university students attacked the National Assembly – the only branch of government not controlled by President Daniel Ortega – shattering several windows with homemade mortar explosives fired from the street.”

Fear in Nicaragua: Ortega organizes street gangs to quash public dissent

“Violence has broken out all over the country of Nicaragua this week. Armed again, but this time organized by Sandinista thugs. I understand this is hard to swallow but I was in Nicaragua all last week, talking to sources I have in the Sandinista government and outside the government, amongst working people, intellectuals and campesinos. Beatings and brutal physical attacks against intellectuals, journalists and civil rights group members are frequent here now. There is currently no legal opposition allowed in the country against the policies of the Nicaragua government (FSLN), controlled by the Sandinistas. As of November 9, 2009, for example, it was illegal for any opposition to the Sandinistas to paint anything on poles or walls, which is what students have been doing for weeks to declare the elections stolen. During the early hours of the morning vehicles carrying armed gangs erase any opposition on walls in the country’s capital, Managua. Organized citizen gangs, called the CPC or Consejo del Pueblo Ciudadana work closely with some of the most dangerous criminal delinquent gangs in the city and region, mostly young disenfranchised and uneducated men, to prevent any opposition to Daniel Ortega and his government policies……”

End of October:
Nicaragua: Anti-Ortega groups roll out hit-and-run tactics

“A surprise attack by masked youths who pelted Supreme Court magistrate Francisco Rosales with eggs is the latest in a series of guerrilla-style protests from a growing underground movement against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega. Mr. Rosales, an enthusiastic loyalist of Mr. Ortega, was ambushed Thursday as he was entering a local TV station to defend the Sandinista magistrates’ controversial ruling last week to scrap a constitutional ban on consecutive presidential terms, clearing the way for Ortega to run for office again in 2011.”

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  1. Adriana Palacios Says:

    A week ago the opposition in Nicaragua rallied against Ortega. People were afraid and the tension was inevitable after the riots and violence infringed by the government to members of civil society organizations.
    Here you could find some pictures:
    I don’t think this rally fully succeeded – and I do not intend to diminish the efforts and struggle for symbolic ans political power- but its strength vanishes when they call for violence too.

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