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Underreported CEDAW Success: Jordan Lifts Reservation on Article 15(4)

Posted on 18 December 2009 by

I received a phone call this week from a researcher looking for more information regarding Jordan lifting reservations on paragraph four of Article 15 of CEDAW earlier this year. This move granted women freedom of mobility and the right to choose where they live without needing permission from male family members. Though this was covered by the Jordan Times, I hadn’t realized that it was so hard to find this information through an internet search. The caller also mentioned that this achievement was not yet registered on the UN’s CEDAW web page for Jordan.

Jordan Petra (cc) WLP

Jordan Petra (cc) WLP

In February of this year the government announced their decision, which was confirmed by Royal Decree in May. WLP’s partner in Jordan, Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI/J), played a vital role in advocating for the removal of reservations on paragraph four of Article 15 and continues to raise awareness on the issue. There has been backlash from conservatives arguing that lifting the reservation is detrimental to the Jordanian family and moral fiber of society, while others argue that the agreement undermines national law. Meanwhile SIGI/J continues to educate the public on how CEDAW is in agreement with the constitution, build the capacity of legislators, government workers, and civil society actors to ensure its implementation, and to increase understanding about CEDAW. The problem with international media is that sometimes such local successes go unreported and the only way to know about such breakthroughs is through local presence and reading local newspapers.

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