Leading to Choices Hits the Radio Waves in Kyrgyzstan

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As a part of WLP’s Leading to Choices program, Human Rights Center “Citizens against Corruption” recently concluded 12 live radio trainings on the radio station Kabarlar. The goals of the radio trainings were devoted to expanding women’s leadership and participation in various spheres of social interaction and decision-making that will promote a fair and balanced relationship to both men and women in our society. All the materials for the radio training were based on the Kyrgyz language edition of the Leading to Choices manual, which includes 12 sessions on various leadership topics.

sunset in cholpon-ata (cc) Leonid V. Kruzhkov

sunset in cholpon-ata (cc) Leonid V. Kruzhkov

The great success of this radio training is that the broadcasts made these texts available throughout the country. Our society can benefit greatly from this use of voice-over texts on the radio as a means of training and outreach–both as a learning tool that can be accessed by the whole country, and in its capacity to reach women specifically, giving them training, aesthetic development and expanded horizons. Listeners tuning into a live broadcast had an opportunity to speak their opinion and suggestions, and in rural areas, where many women do not have an opportunity to hear the broadcast live, they were still able to hear our radio trainings through the radio station “Kabarlar” of NTRC (National Television Radio Company).

Each radio-training expanded dynamically upon the Leading to Choices topics, each focusing on a different component of leadership. The first training, for example, was devoted to the definition of traditional and nontraditional characteristics of leadership. Many listeners called in to express their opinions on the relevance of the topic, and it is very important for people to understand the essence of leadership. In a society usually leadership is associated with politics or government. But leadership shouldn’t be understood only like that. Leadership is a more fundamental development of vision, views and a sense of purpose.

Our radio-trainings mainly were focused on women. However, due to the difficult situation in our country we had to devote topics to both sexes. During live broadcasts, men also called and shared their views. Youth and students were invited as guests and representatives of political parties such as a new women’s party, “Women for Justice.” Some students are ready to continue their participation further in our regular training, and the trainings have opened the door for further cooperation with “Women for Justice.”

The first three radio-trainings were issued in 10 minute format in a recorded form. But thanks to the active interest of listeners and their enthusiastic participation, another 10 minutes of live broadcast were added. We are so excited with the success of this project, and have already begun work on a new series of broadcast trainings!

Listen to the Radio program

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