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Congratulations to SIGI/J

Posted on 30 November 2010 by

WLP congratulates our partners at Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan (SIGI/J) on the November 9 election of three of its members and activists to the Jordanian Parliament!

Jordan "Women and Political Participation" Event © WLP

Huda Mohammad Abu Rumman had participated in many SIGI/J’s events in the governorate of Al Balqa’a and the city of Al Salt. She was extremely active in local civic groups before she was named a SIGI Field Coordinator. She held workshops on leadership, communication and on using the Internet to launch women’s human rights campaigns.

Amal Al Rfou’a, SIGI/J Coordinator at South Governorates and head of the SIGI/J Branch at Al Tafileh Governorate, has also been an activist in SIGI/J ‘s two-year project, “Local Communities Development and Improvement.” She is head of Fatima Al Zahra’a Charitable Society, which SIGI/J supports with communications and computer supplies. Her work has also included outreach to universities and hosting SIGI/J activists for discussions on political participation, leadership, and communication.

Nariman Zhair Ahmad Al Rusan has been a member of SIGI/J since 2004. She has participated in numerous SIGI/J events in the North Governorates, including a training workshop for nominees to the Jordanian House of Representatives. Also a member of the International Association against Corruption and the Jordan Aid Society, she has been a strong advocate for advancing women’s rights on the national agenda.

These newly elected officials are important not only in demonstrating the importance of Jordan’s electoral quota for women but also in becoming a driving force for the advancement of women on the national level.

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