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Warm, very warm is how I describe WLP Mayalsia/All Women’s Action Society’s (AWAM) reception of the Global Training of Trainers (G-TOT) team to Malaysia. The pre-institute training involved the programme staff and volunteers of AWAM– about 14 women in total attended this session. The learning environment was a very safe space where participants demonstrated mutual respect for the views and opinion of others.

Malaysia GTOT Pre-training May 2012

For me, doing the building blocks of leadership and giving some highlights on women’s political participation was a very empowering process. I was very glad I facilitated learning. And, remarkably, some negative views of politics as “dirty” changed for good. This was as a result of using the WLP Leading to Action manual to clarify issues on politics and power. Happily, the pre-institute participants realized that, in a subtle way, we are all politicians and are in one way or the other involved in the games of politics in our daily interaction. Thanks to WLP, I never knew I had been involved in some level of politics until I facilitated some of the LTA sessions.

In reviewing the multimedia pack, I observed a good level of content appreciation from participants. It really seemed a complicated tool to engage with, but as usual, we reassured them that in life and as a facilitator, one has to learn by practice and the more they involve themselves with the WLP Multimedia pack and training manuals, the better their facilitation skills.

Some of the pre-institute participants described themselves as “Newbies” and asked that we be kind to them!!!! I just imagined some signs of cold feet on their part but amazingly we had a few Newbies who even though acted shy were always ready to try out their facilitation skills. Some of them will be co-facilitating at the National Training of Trainers (N-TOT) with the global team– good for AWAM, Malaysia and good for WLP in general!

In preparation for the N-TOT, the G-TOT had a briefing meeting with some co-facilitators to mentor and provide guidelines for their sessions.

We are all looking forward to the N-TOT Malaysia tomorrow!

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