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Amidst New Waves of Protest, Activists Consider Economic Justice & Women’s Rights

Posted on 28 June 2013 by

By Olivia Alabaster, on behalf of WLP Lebanon/CRTD.A

CAIRO: On the opening day of WLP-Lebanon/CRTD.A’s regional conference on economic justice and women’s rights, delegates representing women’s organisations from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco met in Cairo to discuss the implications of Egypt’s current IMF (International Monetary Fund) negotiations for women.

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The power of transnational partnership in challenging the new war on women

Posted on 23 October 2012 by

Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) joined the World Movement for Democracy Seventh Annual Assembly in Lima, Peru (October 15-17). At the Assembly WLP hosted Topical Workshop: Democratic Transitions and the Inclusion of Women to generate a participatory conversation on advancing women’s rights and democracy during periods of political transition. Panelists asked what the gendered outcomes of democratic transitions might be, and how women could weigh with significant bargaining power in those transitions. Lina Abou-Habib, WLP Lebanon, shares insights from the session.

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NEWS FROM G-TOT team: Malaysia Training happening NOW!!!

Posted on 23 May 2012 by

Warm, very warm is how I describe WLP Mayalsia/All Women’s Action Society’s (AWAM) reception of the Global Training of Trainers (G-TOT) team to Malaysia. The pre-institute training involved the programme staff and volunteers of AWAM– about 14 women in total attended this session. The learning environment was a very safe space where participants demonstrated mutual respect for the views and opinion of others.

Malaysia GTOT Pre-training May 2012

For me, doing the building blocks of leadership and giving some highlights on women’s political participation was a very empowering process. I was very glad I facilitated learning. And, remarkably, some negative views of politics as “dirty” changed for good. This was as a result of using the WLP Leading to Action manual to clarify issues on politics and power. Happily, the pre-institute participants realized that, in a subtle way, we are all politicians and are in one way or the other involved in the games of politics in our daily interaction. Thanks to WLP, I never knew I had been involved in some level of politics until I facilitated some of the LTA sessions.

In reviewing the multimedia pack, I observed a good level of content appreciation from participants. It really seemed a complicated tool to engage with, but as usual, we reassured them that in life and as a facilitator, one has to learn by practice and the more they involve themselves with the WLP Multimedia pack and training manuals, the better their facilitation skills.

Some of the pre-institute participants described themselves as “Newbies” and asked that we be kind to them!!!! I just imagined some signs of cold feet on their part but amazingly we had a few Newbies who even though acted shy were always ready to try out their facilitation skills. Some of them will be co-facilitating at the National Training of Trainers (N-TOT) with the global team– good for AWAM, Malaysia and good for WLP in general!

In preparation for the N-TOT, the G-TOT had a briefing meeting with some co-facilitators to mentor and provide guidelines for their sessions.

We are all looking forward to the N-TOT Malaysia tomorrow!

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“If women do not get their rights, this is not a democracy”

Posted on 30 November 2011 by

In the weeks leading up to Monday’s historic election in Egypt, WLP talked with leading Egyptian women’s rights activist Amal Abdel Hadi about the upcoming elections and the future of women’s rights in the country. The following is a portion of our conversation.

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WLP International Youth Day Honorable Mention: “Майстерність не має статі”

Posted on 12 August 2011 by

The following video, submitted to WLP’s International Youth Day Contest, is one of four entries selected to be in the honorable mention category.

“Майстерність не має статі”
Submitted by GenderCamp, Ukraine

Click here to watch the video

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WLP International Youth Day Contest Winner: “Kilowade,” by Ojedele Rebecca Yetunde

Posted on 12 August 2011 by

a rainbow of girls (cc) wiccked

The following song is the winning submission for WLP’s International Youth Day Contest. Congratulations to Ojedele! We are inspired by your beautiful music and lyrics.

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Pride as the People Push for Democracy: An Update from Cairo

Posted on 03 February 2011 by

We spoke to our partners in Egypt today. We had been unable to reach them by phone or email for the past twenty four hours, and had tried repeatedly to reach Enas El-Shafie, Executive Director of our partner organization Forum for Women in Development (FWID) to no avail. But this time, her mobile phone rang and she answered. We were very happy to hear that every one was safe. Now that we knew everyone was safe, we were eager to hear her take on the situation in her country. FWID is in touch with a wide range of women from the intellectual elite to the grassroots so they would be able to comment on the mood of the women and their view of the evolving situation. She said “I am proud of the Egyptian people. In the absence of the police and other government services, the people have formed local committees and are offering services. They are the police, they are the doctors, they do everything.”

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