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Day of Action: Let’s stop sexual and gender-based violence against women and children!

Posted on 30 May 2013 by

Gulbarchyn Jumabaevа of WLP Kyrgyzstan shares photos and an update on the local day of activism against sexual and gender-based violence.


WLP Kyrgyzstan/Bir Duino Kyrgystan and civil society activists, representatives from women’s NGOs, and youth activists rallied today under the slogan: “Let’s stop sexual and gender-based violence against women and children!”

Each year the number of women and children facing violence in Kyrgyztsan increases, and the violence reported is more devastating in scale and form.

According to the Center for Assistance to Children, in the first quarter of 2013 they have already worked with 13 cases of child victims of sexual abuse. In 2011-2012 they worked with 254 children, 34 of which were victims of sexual abuse. And these figured merely represent the small portion of the population the Center is able to work with. According to an informal survey of doctors at a local children’s hospital 3-7 children are treated for injuries related to sexual assault each month.

The General Prosecutors Office reports that in 2011 there were 22 cases of domestic violence related suicides.

WLP Kyrgyzstan feels the hour has come when the whole community must say NO to violence against children and women, to demand the authorities take strong and effective measures and steps to improve the situation.

DSCF3702 DSCF3727

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Learning Democracy: A Conversation with Egypt’s Amel Abdel Hadi

Posted on 28 January 2013 by

by Olivia Alabaster for CRTD.A WLP Lebanon

On the sidelines of the conference, Amel Abdel Hadi, one of the founders of the New Woman Foundation in Egypt, spoke about her work with the coalition and the situation in her own country.

While the women’s movement has been gaining more and more support over the years, the Arab revolts have given a new dimension to the cause, Abdel Hadi said,

This revolutionary era has also strengthened the Equality Without Reservation coalition, she added.

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Women must continue to fight for equal rights, conference urges

Posted on 25 January 2013 by

By Olivia Alabaster for WLP Lebanon/CRTD-A

In the first session of the Equality Without Reservation conference Thursday, an emphasis was placed on the need to continuously work for women’s rights, even once conventions have been signed.sans-titre

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Activists warn that Arab women being ignored in post-revolutionary period at opening of EWR conference

Posted on 25 January 2013 by

By Olivia Alabaster for WLP Lebanon/CRTD-A

While the overwhelming majority of states in the MENA region have ratified CEDAW, (only Sudan, Somalia and Palestine are not states party to the Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women) many have done so with reservations or without genuine implementation on the ground.

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Leadership and Political Participation Classes Motivate and Inspire Lebanese Women to Claim Equal Citizenship

Posted on 11 January 2013 by

Lebanon Graduation

Women graduate from leadership courses in Lebanon take on front roles in stepping up the Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign in 2013

Lina Abou-Habib

CRTD.A / WLP-Lebanon

6 January 2012

During the past year, CRTD.A engaged in a series of Leadership and Political Participation training targeting Lebanese women married to non-nationals and who suffer from the discriminatory nationality laws in Lebanon which do not allow Lebanese women to transmit their nationality to their families.  The training series which was based on the Women learning Partnership curriculum and methodology aimed at supporting women to play a leading and public role in the Campaign and thus empower them to mobilise their own communities and constituencies.

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Another breakthrough for the Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign: CRTD.A/WLP-Lebanon called by Ministerial Committee to present case for reform

Posted on 04 December 2012 by

Earlier this year, CRTD.A (WLP-Lebanon) was engaged in some serious lobbying which led to the inclusion of the reform of the nationality law on the official agenda of the Cabinet meeting of March 21st 2012.  This was the first time the matter was officially discussed with the Prime Minister that he gave indication that he is personally in favour of the reform of the law so that women have equal rights to transmit citizenship as men.  During that same period, CRTD.A was also in discussions with the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) on the process of reforming the law as well as the development of a counter proposal for a new law.  Both processes yielded results.  The NCLW concluded a process of consultations which culminated in the drafting of a law petition.  The Prime Minister for his part set up a Ministerial Committee formed of seven Ministers in order to review the nationality law and submit scenarios for reforms.

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WLP Malaysia Responds to Brutal Government Crackdown

Posted on 12 July 2011 by

On Saturday, July 9, over 20,000 took to the streets in Kuala Lumpur to protest past electoral fraud and demand free and fair elections in the largest demonstrations in Malaysia since 2007, known as Bersih 2.0. Over a thousand people were detained and injured as they took to the streets in spite of the ban issued by the ruling Barisan Nasional party. The opposition is demanding reform to ensure fairer laws prior to the elections scheduled for mid-2012.

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The Winds of Change Have Come

Posted on 01 July 2011 by

The following is an editorial from Voices of Women, a newspaper published by WLP Palestine/Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC). Translated from the Arabic original by WATC.

Winds of change have arrived to the Arab region; as a matter of fact, Arab people created the winds of change. It is not the time to argue which is more accurate. What is more important is that the environment around us is screaming out: Change!!

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WLP Partner Investigating Human Rights Violations in Libya

Posted on 03 May 2011 by

WLP’s partner in Jordan, Asma Khader, General Coordinator of WLP Jordan/Sisterhood Is Global/Jordan, is currently on a fact finding mission to Libya to investigate human rights abuses in the country. Asma joins this mission as part of the three-member independent team formed by United Nations Human Rights Council in the wake of reports of serious human rights violations in Libya since the start of a popular uprising against the Muammar Qaddafi regime. The report, which will be publicly released in the coming weeks, will include investigations into rape used as a weapon of war, the conditions and abuse of foreign workers resulting from the conflict, and other violations of human rights. Upon release of the full report, WLP will discuss Asma’s findings with her in more detail, and will share this information as it becomes available.

rally for libya (cc) omar chatriwala

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You Deserve It! Human Rights Or Bringing Down the Pet Industry

Posted on 08 April 2011 by

“You deserve it!” cheerfully claim one advertisement after another. You deserve an expensive pair of shoes! You’ve worked hard, therefore you owe yourself a little plastic surgery! As an idealist in this consumerist society, those claims have a unique ability to make my skin crawl.

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An Activist Visits

Posted on 10 March 2011 by

A middle aged woman comes into the office, smiling. She is wearing an unassuming outfit, in beige and white. She introduces herself, I take her coat, and offer her some tea. On the surface, this is perfectly normal.

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A Call for Action on African Women’s Health & Human Rights

Posted on 03 February 2011 by

African Women’s Health and Rights Day (AWHRD) on February 4th, is an annual event to raise awareness and advance critical debate around the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women throughout the African continent both at the national and local levels. This year’s event is another opportunity to assess the state of women’s health and rights advancement across the region from the referendum in Sudan, the tensions around elections in Nigeria, the crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo which includes sexual violence and rape as a weapon of war, the women’s human rights abuses in Uganda based on sexuality, and the crisis in Côte d’Ivoire arising from that country’s last elections and the impact of all of these political issues on the political will to implement measures towards the protection of women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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