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Leadership and Political Participation Classes Motivate and Inspire Lebanese Women to Claim Equal Citizenship

Posted on 11 January 2013 by

Lebanon Graduation

Women graduate from leadership courses in Lebanon take on front roles in stepping up the Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign in 2013

Lina Abou-Habib

CRTD.A / WLP-Lebanon

6 January 2012

During the past year, CRTD.A engaged in a series of Leadership and Political Participation training targeting Lebanese women married to non-nationals and who suffer from the discriminatory nationality laws in Lebanon which do not allow Lebanese women to transmit their nationality to their families.  The training series which was based on the Women learning Partnership curriculum and methodology aimed at supporting women to play a leading and public role in the Campaign and thus empower them to mobilise their own communities and constituencies.

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The Need to “Visibilize” Women’s Invisible Work

Posted on 27 June 2012 by

What I have learned from the Istanbul Global TOT: How do we contribute to visibilising women’s invisible work

Earlier this month, I had the wonderful opportunity of preparing and delivering a six day global Training of Trainers (TOT) on women leadership and women’s political participation for a group of 28 trainers and facilitators, the overwhelming majority of whom were from Turkey, in addition to several from WLP’s partner in Pakistan.

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G-TOT Malaysia Speaks Out!

Posted on 24 May 2012 by

Participants from WLP’s most recent Global Training of Trainers (TOT) in Malaysia blog about their experiences:

WLP Malaysia 2012 G-TOT Participants

More Convinced of My Cause
By Endok Sempo M Tahir, WIRDA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Attending the WLP/AWAM National Training of Trainers Institute for Women’s Leadership and Political Participation is a priceless, nurturing and inspiring experience. It was fun, enriching and mind-stretching—and gave us all a sense of contribution.

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My H.I.P. Experience in Malaysia

Posted on 23 May 2012 by

Ringing sounds of laughter and fun filled the learning environment at the WLP Malaysia/AWAM, National Training of Trainers (N-TOT) in Malaysia. This is the most relaxed and sisterly meeting place I had ever been in the world! The togetherness, warmness, cooperation and respect among Malaysian sisters is really commendable. The energizers from Suraya got me thinking… very enriching and entertaining and took tiredness off the bones.

Malaysia Pre-TOT Ice Breaker Exercise

Malaysia Pre-TOT Ice Breaker Exercise

The secret of the fun and facilitation skills-building sessions…? Hmmm….using the H.I.P principles!!!! “What’s H.I.P.,” did you ask? I’ll tell you, it’s horizontal, inclusive and participatory leadership process…. so eaaasssy! The process was all HIP!!!  from the point of introduction, facilitation, group discussions, etc… the HIP goes on.

Betty shared a little progressive secret with me…and with her consent I am going to share. She informed me of the great success she recorded with the HIP principles during a training session at the Sunway University, Malaysia. Can you believe after session, because of her facilitation techniques, other lecturers commended her for the very impressive participatory approach? The next day Betty saw me, the first thing she excitedly informed me was, “I tried out the horizontal participatory facilitation skills and it worked!” I was stunned and excited, and wished I had been there to experience her happy moment.

Ok, back to the N-TOT – hmm Samah… Samah is such a sweet darling and in-fact a valuable facilitator for WLP. I had never met her before Malaysian N-TOT but the first time I met her she was on my bed sleeping away peacefully.  I was confused but pleased to see she arrived Malaysia safely. Wao!  Samah is NICE personified! She is calm, friendly and willing to learn. In-fact I love WLP’s approach of putting facilitators from diverse background, cultures, languages, etc. such as me from Nigeria, Sindi from the Caribbean Island, Samah from Egypt and AWAM’s facilitators from Malaysia. Without announcing it to each other, we collectively shared a vision under the WLP training methodology and fitted into the roles as though we already rehearsed….

The enthusiasm to participate in team work gave a positive spirit to the training. The lead facilitators had a great role in guiding their co-facilitators for each session and guess what we have about 2 “newbies” with AWAM and some bold ones who tried out their facilitation skills.


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Under the Cedar: WLP Global Training Launches in Lebanon!

Posted on 07 September 2011 by

It was an exciting experience as the WLP Global Training of Trainers (GTOT) Team convened its first GTOT, launching this new initiative in the Arab Region. The venue was Beirut, Lebanon. The participants for the pilot session were drawn from diverse backgrounds, with a common thread of women human rights activism in their various countries

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