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Following My Dreams: Reflections from WLP’s Central Asia Regional Institute

Posted on 23 April 2013 by

Maria Kolesnikova is a citizen journalist in Kyrgyzstan and a volunteer with WLP Kyrgyzstan/Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan. She joined women from Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan at the WLP Central Asia Regional Training of Trainers Institute on Women’s Leadership and Political Participation in Shymkent, Kazakhstan this April as a participant and to present on her own experiences utilizing social media for change as a citizen journalist. Maria shares her reflections from the training below.

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Redesigned Website Launches…The Dust (Almost) Settles…

Posted on 02 December 2010 by

This has been a long and momentous summer for us on the technology side of things. We undertook a major upgrade of our infrastructure which included cabling our office (Cat 6!), replacing our file server (virtualization, here we come), and reconfiguring our server room (with a pseudo telco closet hiding in a cabinet). Through this all, we were also tackling a redesign of our website (in combination with upgrading Drupal, our content management system), an upgrade of our web applications (WordPress, Mailman, Moodle, and so on), and migrating it all to a new provider for web hosting (shared VPS – Virtual Private Server).

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Leading to Choices Hits the Radio Waves in Kyrgyzstan

Posted on 17 September 2010 by

As a part of WLP’s Leading to Choices program, Human Rights Center “Citizens against Corruption” recently concluded 12 live radio trainings on the radio station Kabarlar. The goals of the radio trainings were devoted to expanding women’s leadership and participation in various spheres of social interaction and decision-making that will promote a fair and balanced relationship to both men and women in our society. All the materials for the radio training were based on the Kyrgyz language edition of the Leading to Choices manual, which includes 12 sessions on various leadership topics.

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What Political Participation Really Means for Women in Bahrain

Posted on 17 August 2010 by

Snippets from the Launch of WLP’s Political Participation Manual in Manama, Bahrain

I have just returned from Manama where I took part in the launch of the Leading to Action, WLP’s Political Participation Manual, the second of such events after Beirut last July. The Bahrain Women Association, our partners in Bahrain, organized this event as part of a national their workshop on women’s political participation. As shared with us last week, by our dear colleague Wajeeha from BWA, the group is gearing up towards the upcoming elections which will be held in Bahrain in October 2010.

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How Not to Make a Sale

Posted on 13 August 2010 by

A few days ago, two communications salespeople walked into the office. They were both men, wearing nice suits and ties, and both carried themselves very professionally.

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Pardon the Dust, We Are Reorganizing…

Posted on 06 August 2010 by

Dust, paint, cables, desks…We have been reorganizing our office and getting a few long overdue upgrades to the network infrastructure.

Various projects have been going on for a few weeks now. Office cabling is currently underway. We are hoping that it will all finish within the next two (or so) weeks. Or so we really, fervently, and wholeheartedly hope. :)

Here is today’s story, coming to you via my cell phone camera, Twitpic, and Twitter:

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Women Prepare for October 2010 Elections in Bahrain

Posted on 04 August 2010 by

Bahraini parliamentary election is to be held by the end of October 2010. Preparations are in full swing for women to participate in the election as voters and candidates.

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A Kick: Where FIFA and Violence Against Women Meet

Posted on 09 July 2010 by

Residents of Manchester, UK have been seeing posters with “a football (soccer) shirt, a remote control, and a broken beer bottle” around their city during this summer’s World Cup as part of a campaign against domestic violence. Research by the UK Home Office (the U.S. State Department equivalent) shows an 30% increase in domestic violence cases during soccer match days. (Anecdotal evidence points to a similar issue on the U.S. Super Bowl Sunday)

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WLP at the 54th Commission on the Status of Women

Posted on 11 March 2010 by

2020 Vision: Mobilizing for women’s rights and eliminating violence against women
New School, March 5th 2010

The UN Fourth Conference on Women which was held in Beijing in 1994 was certainly a global landmark as it represented the culmination of women’s activism worldwide and the recognition of women’s rights as human rights.

The exhilaration that accompanied the Beijing conference did not take long to wither and fade.  Indeed, most governments failed to honor their commitments towards women. 

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Essay Contest Finalists: Group 2, Ages 18-25

Posted on 26 February 2010 by

As everyone already knows (probably due to our own frequent mentions of it :)), the youth essay contest announced to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CEDAW has been a resounding success. We had more than 100 essays from 33 countries.

It is only after we received all the essays and started reviewing them that we realized our predicament. There were so many excellent essays that it was extremely difficult to pick the dozen finalists. However, pick we have to, and the finalists in Group 2, Ages 18-25 (ordered by first name) are

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Essay Contest Finalists: Group 1, Ages 14-18

Posted on 19 February 2010 by

Almost immediately after we announced the youth essay contest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CEDAW, there were numerous requests/suggestions to expand the age group to include contestants in the 14-18 age group. Bowing to this popular demand, we have decided to create a separate group (yay!) and add another to-be-determined prize (double yay!).

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Imagining the Future from Website Statistics

Posted on 04 February 2010 by

Thanks to the WLP website redesign project, we have been thinking about technical capabilities of our site visitors a lot lately. Thanks to Google Analytics, we can pinpoint such things as what browser, operating system, screen resolution, and so on that our website visitors have, which is very helpful as we make design decisions.

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