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The Bottom of the Gender Equality Pie

Posted on 14 March 2011 by

When protesters toppled their governments in Tunisia and Egypt, and demonstrations spread around the globe, the world paid attention. The BBC in particular put up an interesting series of factsheets on corruption, demographics and unrest in some of the North Africa, Middle East and Gulf states.

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How Not to Make a Sale

Posted on 13 August 2010 by

A few days ago, two communications salespeople walked into the office. They were both men, wearing nice suits and ties, and both carried themselves very professionally.

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False Arguments for Banning Appointment of Women to Egypt’s State Council

Posted on 23 July 2010 by

FWID’s Statement Concerning Counselor Adel Farghali’s Press Release

The Forum for Women in Development expresses its deepest sorrow for the shocking and offensive statement by Counselor Adel Farghali, the chairman of the committee discussing the appointment of women in the State Council. Counselor Farghali said that the experience of female judges has proven a failure, which contradicts the truth. A lot of people as well as the reality itself have witnessed the efficiency and commitment of women in the positions they have occupied.

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We Can Change…

Posted on 26 February 2010 by

Finalist in WLP’s Youth Essay Contest Group 2: 18-25 Years
Karim A S, USA

While many of the inequalities women suffer in the developing world are obvious, some of the greatest inequities still occur in the Western world and in the United States in particular. Though women appear to have equal rights on paper in the United States these rights do not extend to the area of economics. Most Americans do not know that compared with men, women of similar education and work experience earn 78 cents to the dollar compared to what men receive for doing the same work.1 Furthermore, the inequality between male and female earning power is even greater if the female is a minority.

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How’s That Working Out For You?

Posted on 25 September 2009 by

I am a man, and I work with 8 women.

“Are you the only guy there?” is a frequent question I hear when I discuss working for a women’s rights NGO.  As I continue working as an administrative assistant at the Women’s Learning Partnership, I have started to form new perspectives on women’s rights—particularly on how men approach the issue.

“How’s that working out for you?”

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