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Another breakthrough for the Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign: CRTD.A/WLP-Lebanon called by Ministerial Committee to present case for reform

Posted on 04 December 2012 by

Earlier this year, CRTD.A (WLP-Lebanon) was engaged in some serious lobbying which led to the inclusion of the reform of the nationality law on the official agenda of the Cabinet meeting of March 21st 2012.  This was the first time the matter was officially discussed with the Prime Minister that he gave indication that he is personally in favour of the reform of the law so that women have equal rights to transmit citizenship as men.  During that same period, CRTD.A was also in discussions with the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) on the process of reforming the law as well as the development of a counter proposal for a new law.  Both processes yielded results.  The NCLW concluded a process of consultations which culminated in the drafting of a law petition.  The Prime Minister for his part set up a Ministerial Committee formed of seven Ministers in order to review the nationality law and submit scenarios for reforms.

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Woman Is the Future of Man

Posted on 08 March 2012 by

Although women have made great progress on their way to liberation, they still suffer from unequal treatment with men, just because they are women. Communities around the world organize their affairs and set their priorities according to man’s point of view and concerns. The Patriarchal model is still dominant, despite all of the blows to it by women’s liberation movements and their democratic struggle. Still, many societies approve the legitimacy of violence against women, whether it is physical or moral violence. This culture of discrimination against women has deep roots in human history and still today promotes discrimination, even if reality and science have proven its baselessness. So, men are strong and women are weak , men are intellectual but women are emotional, and men are positive but women are negative…etc. All cultures have different levels of discrimination against women.

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The Bottom of the Gender Equality Pie

Posted on 14 March 2011 by

When protesters toppled their governments in Tunisia and Egypt, and demonstrations spread around the globe, the world paid attention. The BBC in particular put up an interesting series of factsheets on corruption, demographics and unrest in some of the North Africa, Middle East and Gulf states.

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An Activist Visits

Posted on 10 March 2011 by

A middle aged woman comes into the office, smiling. She is wearing an unassuming outfit, in beige and white. She introduces herself, I take her coat, and offer her some tea. On the surface, this is perfectly normal.

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Baptism into the Women’s Movement

Posted on 12 January 2011 by

Oftentimes I have bits and pieces of news swirling around in my head, trying to make sense of them, until one day they fall into place in a sort of narrative that gels them together. And so it has been recently.

Hand of Hope! (cc) kabils

I have been hard at work on the French edition of WLP’s political participation manual, which I find absolutely riveting. I was reading one personal story to my husband, then another, and another, exclaiming about the inspiration I draw from those, and commenting on my luck – “Can you believe this? Can you believe I get to work with these women? I know them! They know me!”…

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Latin American Day for Decriminalization of Therapeutic Abortion

Posted on 19 October 2010 by

September 28th was the Latin American Day for Decriminalization of Therapeutic Abortion. In Nicaragua a group of women handed over a sample of 37,000 signatures and also another sample of 6,000 postcards sent in by Amnesty International activists acting in solidarity with Nicaraguan women. Leaders of the Strategic Group for the Decriminalization of Therapeutic Abortion turned over the signatures to a representative of President Daniel Ortega in the offices of the Sandinista political party (which is also the Presidential House).

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Amid Violence, Brave Afghans Give Hope for Future

Posted on 14 September 2010 by

The resilience, determination and sheer courage of so many Afghan women continues to amaze me. Last week I was struck again by this feeling when I read the headline that more women were running for political office in Afghanistan than had ever before. Given the current environment, this is quite a testament to these women. While it has never been safe for female candidates, this is an especially dangerous time to run for office, with women politicians specifically targeted by extremists

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Shiva and the Women’s Rights Movement on Trial in Iran

Posted on 03 September 2010 by

Tomorrow, September 4, women’s rights activist and One Million Signatures campaign member Shiva Nazar Ahari is scheduled to stand trial for charges including “assembly and collusion to commit a crime,” “propaganda against the regime,” and moharebeh, or “enmity against God,” the last of which can carry a penalty of death.

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10 Articles Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Posted on 26 August 2010 by

In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, here is a list of a handful of great articles that while commemorating the day, remembers past efforts of fearless suffragettes, and/or calls for a continued push for the aspects of equality that are yet to be realized. From accepting imprisonment to using maternal influence to fight for the vote, women in these articles pave the way and inspire one to carry the torch further down the road to equality. Happy Women’s Equality Day!

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Young Women and Feminism in Nicaragua: Passive Generation?

Posted on 20 August 2010 by

I feel a little bit worried. More than a little bit actually. Since I started to learn more about feminism I can see some things I didn’t before. Right now, everyone who knows me can tell you that I am a feminist, or at least that I am trying to be one. Sadly in Nicaragua that is a label that can diminish who you are and establish how seriously you can be taken.

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Egyptian Women’s Right to the Judiciary

Posted on 29 July 2010 by

Anyone who looks at the Egyptian feminist struggle for both the issues of national liberation or for women’s issues, such as lacking access to the judiciary, in the beginning of the second decade in the third millennium would wonder. This right was not granted by appointing the first female judge, counselor Tahany Al-Jebali in 2003, or the subsequent appointment of several female judges in many judicial specializations in the period of 2007-2008. Despite the significance of these steps, they do not represent an integrated system that allows women to be promoted to the judiciary, starting with appointment to the state council that up till now is limited to male graduates only.

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The Choices All Should Have

Posted on 01 July 2010 by

As a new member of the WLP team, I have spent the past few weeks immersing myself in the organization’s many publications, reports, and articles. One of the publications that has really stuck in my mind is Iranian Women’s One Million Signatures Campaign for Equality: The Inside Story, the second installment in WLP’s Translation Series.

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